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                       The Getbye 

The Getbye is a four piece located in Orlando, FL. Our style of music is a
mix of indie, folk, and something we call gypsy love. It comes together
for a high-energy on-stage musical performance. The main musical
influences for the band are Issac Brock and his band Modest Mouse,
Guster, and the man in black, Johnny Cash. The front man for the group
is Koal, who plays an acoustic guitar and performs lead vocals. Then
there is Skitch, he provides an abundance of energy while producing
rooty beats behind his half-moon of hand percussion instruments. We
have our new finely tuned bass guitarist Pat who keeps the deep gypsy
vibes flowing. Finally there is Davy. He allows for The Getbye to
produce songs across a wide spectrum of genres, as he plays a plethora
of instruments. Including but not limited to the cello, accordion,
trumpet, trombone, drums, and flute. Sometimes he plays numerous
instruments per song while also performing vocals. Our Band Manager
Mitchell Gershon, focuses on booking local events, touring, merchandise
and sales, promoting and social media. The Getbye has been performing
live music in Orlando for over six years and we believes in being true to
their roots and following their mantra of Love~Music~Peace


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